We're hiring!

Rocket Whale is a Ruby on Rails design and development codery co-located in Atlanta, GA & Washington, DC. We kind of love what we do... it's adorable.

The Rocket Whale Way

We believe that amazing things happen when talented, driven and fun people come together and bust their asses to achieve a shared vision. These visions typically require us to turn complex ideas into working, beautiful, and user-friendly software in a rapid and open manner. Ironically enough, this is what we're great at.

Our relationships with our clients and employees are built on trust and we strive to be honest and direct at all times. In general, we are fun, smart people who get shit done.

When you hire us, you'll play an integral and active role in your project as you direct us to develop whatever is most valuable to you and your customers at that time. You'll quickly receive working, valuable software upon which we iterate over time.

When you work for us, you'll be expected to live our 10 core dimensions and to care an awful lot about your teammates, our products and our clients.

We Ship Awesome Software

All of our projects have two things in common: they get done and they look great. Here's what currently gets us out of bed in the morning.


We believe strongly in making sure people know what is expected of them. If you don't know what you're doing or why you're doing it, how can you do a great job? This inspired us to create Blissbook, the culture-based employee handbook that helps companies:

  • Improve recruiting results
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Assimilate new employees faster
  • Make policy management simple, easy and fun (well, as fun as it can get)

Rocket Fuel

We’re bootstrapping Blissbook by providing world-class software design and development services. Our current headline project is leading the design and development of a self-serve web app that gives internal users, enterprise clients, and ad agencies the ability to manage banner ad campaigns and view related big-data analytics. It's Google AdWords meets Google Analytics for banner ads.

More info is available on our work page.