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Blissbook is a content management system that helps companies create delightful, culture-based employee handbooks. We help clients turn their 50-page, Times New Roman font clunker of a handbook that nobody ever reads into an engaging, accessible (web + mobile) handbook that they can be proud of.

Your Blissbook will improve recruiting results, increase employee engagement, and help you assimilate new employees faster. Cover your ass without crushing your soul!

Rocket Fuel

A rocket coalition has been formed with Rocket Fuel to design and build world-class data analytics software. Rocket Whale leads the UI/UX design of new and existing features and our development team builds new features and refactors others to get them ready for a production environment.

Rocket Fuel uses the power of artificial intelligence to make digital advertising better. Based in San Francisco, CA, they've raised over $76mm in funding and took in over $44.5mm in revenue in 2011. They depend on Rocket Whale to build new products to drive revenue growth.


Preparis makes managing the unexpected easy. Their all-in-one emergency preparedness portal keeps companies ready for any crisis situation. They came to Rocket Whale looking to improve their outdated marketing web site. During the architecture phase, we discovered the top 3 must-haves for their new site were:

  • Make it easy to figure out what Preparis does using better design & copy, an infographic, and videos
  • Improve the new pricing page even further
  • Make it easy for Preparis to add new content

Preparis got an updated, fresh and simple design built on Wordpress so that anyone could easily add new content. They had a wonderful video made for them by Epipheo Studios and a dynamic pricing page their visitors could play with.

HowTracker Checklists

HowTracker is a checklist-based how-to platform centered on the idea that the ability to apply knowledge found is just as important as finding it. It is:

  • A place to discover how to do things
  • A place to share how to do things with others
  • A tool to help you actually do those things

HowTracker was created from our need to create how-to guides in a simple way - so that they would actually be used. It helps us consistently deliver excellent results to each and every client and gives us an easy way to track our progress at a high-level across all projects. It's also handy for making sure our team always remembers how to do certain things.

You can use it for your business too - for free!


Sometimes you have an idea and you just want to put something out there to see if it sticks. This is known as a Minimum Viable Product. Well, there's no reason an MVP shouldn't look good! We helped our client implement his idea - an email forwarding service for @faceti.me email addresses - in less than 2 weeks from start to finish.

Unfortunately, his idea didn't hit like he hoped and the service has been turned off. In the meantime, why not attend Startup Riot?

Use the List

Use the List was an experiment Rocket Whale created for our Startup Riot presentation in February 2011. It was built from the ground up in 1 month as a simple checklist app that was branded and created as an entry level policies and procedures app.

We gained an insane amount of knowledge while developing Use the List and have put all that knowledge into HowTracker, which was built from scratch with our "lessons learned" in mind.

Very Funny Gifts

Very Funny Gifts marketed and sold Manterns: Candles for Men. Manterns were candles scented specially for men, with unique scents like "bacon", "baseball glove" and "beer". In order to sell them online, the small business owner needed a fun, engaging eCommerce solution. The owner wanted a site design and copy that appealed to women as the target customer was women buying gifts for the men in their life.

We built a custom template on top of the Shopify eCommerce/CMS framework. The CMS solution allowed the owner to quickly and easily add and edit content on the site. The colorful design and lighthearted copy proved valuable as a majority of the customers were in fact women.

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