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“Your website got me an interview with the Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Engadget and CNET.”

- Karol Hatzilias, United Sciences

Connect With New People Using Real Email

Rocket Whale combines the tools you use every day with public data to help you find and connect with new people.

  • Get Your Message Through

    Sending a message takes just two clicks. There's no need to guess an email address and we send from your real, actual email account. Our Deliverability Guarantee means you never pay for a message that doesn't get through to your recipient.

  • Work Rapidly

    Regular email clients are too slow and email marketing platforms send thousands of emails at once that are easily marked as spam. Rocket Whale is in the goldilocks zone - customizable templates allow you to work rapidly but still get personal, and automated data entry means there's no admin work.

  • Track Results

    What happens to your message after you click send? Rocket Whale tells you. Instead of going in a black hole, messages are tracked so you'll know what happens and which messages are working.

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Do Outbound Sales Without Changing Who You Are

  • Generate Your Own Leads

    Your sales cycle starts with the same event you’re used to - a prospect emails or calls to say they’re interested. No more waiting for the phone to ring or for an RFQ to come in. Now you can do your own marketing!

  • No Cold Calling Required

    You don’t need to know the right time to call, know how to maneuver past a gatekeeper, be afraid you'll say the wrong thing, or build up a tolerance to rejection. Just email the people you want to talk to. That’s it.

  • Use It Any Time

    Rocket Whale’s low switching costs make it easy to just pick up and use – for 15 minutes or 8 hours. You don’t need to set aside a specific time, and there’s no psychological hoop to jump to through start a session.

Automate Your Lead Generation Activities

  • Up-to-Date Contact Info

    Because our data about who works at what company with what title comes directly from those people themselves, it's more up-to-date than any company-owned database of contacts. Say good bye to stale data!

  • Stop Guessing Emails

    Spend your valuable time making sales, not guessing email addresses or doing data entry. Your time is too important to spend doing administrative work!

  • Get Your Message Through

    Rocket Whale keeps working to get your message through to your recipient. You don’t have to deal with bounced emails or with updating and maintaining contacts based on whether or not the email address you tried worked.

Find Content Creators and Increase Event Attendance

  • Find Experts

    Need guest bloggers or an expert for your podcast? Rocket Whale helps you quickly find and contact experts who can help you create content - all with a real email from your email account.

  • Grow Your Event Guestlist

    Quickly find and contact people who might be interested in attending your event, meetup, or seminar. Search for people on-demand and filter by job title, location and industry.

  • Tradeshow Marketing & PR

    Searching by location allows you to easily find and connect with people to meet at your booth or a special event. Getting a real email makes someone feel special instead of like a notch in your belt.