software design

software engineering

design discovery

We ask you and your users a lot of questions and challenge existing ideas about your project, users and market to help identify the right problems to solve.

information architecture

Tight and simple information architecture reduces technical overhead and is the first step towards a user-friendly interface and maintainable codebase.

user experience design

Storyboards, OOUX, user-flows, immunity maps, wireframes, and prototypes help us “go deep quick” to iterate together towards the right UI/UX solution.

graphic design

Whether it’s a simple UI or a complex data visualization, we can design something beautiful using your existing branding or a new branding strategy we create together.

framework selection

Rapidly changing technology makes it hard to choose the right framework. We can help you pick a platform that optimizes build speed without sacrificing reliability.

front-end code

Single-page web apps using the latest standards give users a snappy experience. A structured, organized code base is where cool transitions and effects can thrive.

back-end code

CTOs of enterprise companies use our code, written using TDD/BDD best practices, to ensure the servers we build stay reliable, maintainable and extendable.

green field software

We thrive in a “skunk works” type of environment with little direction or supervision available. A lean, agile approach allows us to quickly test working software.

web + tablet + phone

Your users aren't only at their desk. We choose frameworks and build software to work on any screen, so users have a great experience no matter where they are.

tom o'dea

Tom's design talent reaches back to the 3rd grade, when he won a fire prevention poster contest. He's been doing web design and development since the late 90s, when he helped GE Industrial Systems create their first intranet. After graduating from Georgia Tech with a BS in Management, he eventually helped grow and lead the successful exit of a 3D scanning and reverse engineering services firm before coming back to his first love, the internets.

When he isn't working, you can find him playing various sports or talking about how he used to be an improv actor at Whole World Theatre in Atlanta, GA.

sam duvall

Sam is a no-nonsense code machine who manipulates computer systems like a wizard. After a stressed-filled day of solving complex coding problems, Sam unwinds by solving complex logic puzzle problems. Sam comes out of the University of MD computer engineering program and is following up a 10-year-long stint coding top secret hardware for satellites and aerospace vehicles at a large defense contractor.

If you can find Sam while he's not coding, he's either playing hockey in the Washington, DC area or strumming a guitar alongside his wife as she belts out the latest top 40 hit.

Want to learn about our company? Like where the heck the name 'Rocket Whale' came from? Check out our Flight Manual! We created it with our very own employee handbook software.

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technical capabilities

Our expertise in single-page web apps and informational dashboards is rooted in our ability to rapidly understand and leverage existing frameworks and APIs. Our favorites:

And a comprehensive list:

  • adobe photoshop
  • adobe illustrator
  • amazon SES
  • amazon S3
  • angular 1 & 2+
  • axure rp
  • backbone.js
  • bootstrap 3 & 4
  • css3/less/sass
  • d3.js
  • ext.js
  • heroku
  • html5/haml
  • invision
  • javascript
  • jQuery
  • jsreport
  • leaflet
  • marionette.js
  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • node.js
  • php
  • postgresql
  • rackspace cloud
  • react
  • redis
  • redux
  • ruby/rails
  • sketch
  • sql/nosql
  • sqlite
  • tumblr
  • webpack
  • wkhtmltopdf

+ we always welcome the opportunity to expand our knowledge